Jeremy Goldstein on the Truth About Pay Per Performance

Over the last few years, there has been a budding debate regarding the usage and effectiveness of implementing Earnings per Share programs within corporations. There are a number of significant advantages of utilizing pay per performance programs for a corporation and its employees, as well as their shareholders. Earnings per Share programs often positively spur the stock value of a company for shareholders, making it mutually beneficial for all parties involved. The debate has been fueled due to the power that implementing pay per performance incentive programs gives to the CEOs and executives, being that they may use this form of incentive to drive the stock price, thus utilizing illegal, or at least, unethical methods. Jeremy Goldstein, the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC, believes that there is a practical solution for this debate; compromise. In Mr. Goldstein’s estimation, ensuring that executives and CEOs are held accountable for their actions regarding incentive programs is the first step. While detractors of pay per performance programs have long insisted that this type of incentive is only a positive for the short-term life of a corporation, Jeremy Goldstein believes that companies that choose to utilize Earnings per Share programs should ensure that the long-term goals of the corporation match with the incentives that are divvied out. By implementing this structure, the company can be sure of the long-term potential of the company, as well as share growth that is both repeatable, and measurable.

Jeremy L. Goldstein attended the New York University School of Law, receiving his Juris Doctorate Degree. He was an undergraduate at Cornell University, where he graduated cum laude, and received further education from The University of Chicago, garnering his M.S. Upon completing his studies, Jeremy L. Goldstein worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz, becoming a partner, and later founded his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein, and Associates, LLC. Since entering into the field of law, Mr. Goldstein has worked with corporations such as United Technologies Corporation, assisting in their acquisition of Goodrich, as well as a number of cellular companies, such as Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless. Today, Mr. Goldstein is a member of The American Bar Association, where he is actively involved with the Executive Compensation Committee’s Subcommittee regarding Mergers and Acquisition. He also resides on the Board of Directors at Fountain House; a budding charity that focuses on helping people to surmount mental illness.


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Success of Talk Fusion

In the year 2007, Talk Fusion was founded by CEO Bob Reina who had furthered his education at a college in Florida. Talk Fusion has developed new products such as Video Email, and Video Chat with the help of product developers in Dallas. Video Email product is able to host live broadcasts to Talk Fusion’s associates in more than 140 countries across the globe.


Independent marketers sell the products of Talk Fusion such as Video Suite. This is done throughout the world and in places where technological advances have been made. The main aim of Talk Fusion is to come up with solutions that will fix problems that are affecting the customers. Over the years Talk Fusion has developed new, different software, for example, Talk Fusion University in June 2017 and effective marketing strategies.


Talk Fusion has helped non-profit groups by contributing a good sum of money to go to orphanages. Tampa Bay’s Humane Society also gives free Video Suite software to different charities.


Talk Fusion introduced a modern application in an online broadcast which is a better version of the computer program that facilitates easier communication known as Live Meetings. The modern application has an updated interface, and it uses the popular system called WebRTC. Talk Fusion is the only company that has been able to use WebRTC system. The first product involved is Video Chat software which he developed with the help of his friend, Jonathan Chen while Live Meetings became the second product.


The use of WebRTC enables people to use any modern browser. It facilitates easier audio and video communication and eliminates all processing, download, and installation issues which causes delays during live conferences. Talk Fusion’s conferences involve the use of the WebRTC system, and it can contain more than 500 attendees.


There are different advantages of Live Meetings. The first is that there is maximum security in the communication system for the customers. Secondly, there is barely hindrance such as distortion of the audio during the conferences. Live Meetings also provides a clear video so that the presenters and participants can use the software with ease. Learn more:

Working for Community Improvement

When people realize their calling in life, they run with it. This is true for Adam Milstein. Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, a community leader, and he is the President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Through all of these ventures, he is able to improve the lives of Jewish people living in the United States.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. He is the oldest of three children and in 1971, he went into the Israel Defense Forces. This is mandatory service and during his time serving, he was involved in the Yom Kippur War.

After his service commitment had ended, Adam enrolled in the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology. He graduated from there with a Bachelor’s degree in business and economics. He then went on to work with his father in the family real estate business.

In 1974, Adam Milstein married his wife, Gila, In 1981, Adam and his family moved to the United States and settled in California. Upon arriving in the US, Adam began taking classes at the University of Southern California. He graduated from there with a Masters of Business Administration.

Going back to his roots, after graduation Adam began working as a commercial real estate agent. He ended up working for Hager Pacific Properties where he is still a managing partner today. Hager Pacific Properties is a property acquisition firm, and they currently have over 100 properties located throughout the United States. Adam Milstein is responsible for the accounting, disposition, and accounting of the firm.

In addition to his work duties, Adam and his wife are heavily involved in their family foundation. They have set a mission to strengthen the state of Israel and to improve the lives of the Jewish people. They work to achieve this goal through education and reaching out to the local community. Adam Milstein is proud of his Jewish roots and does everything he can to better his community and those who live in it. His foundation is doing wonderful work and he continues to make positive strides each and every day.

Doe Deere Believe Makeup Helps Us To Express Ourselves

Have you ever looked at someone with a unique style and thought, “I could never pull that off.” It’s happened to many of us. We see someone with a hair color not found in nature, bright lips other than the typical shades of pinks and reds, and glittered eyeshadows. Many of us stare in envy but ultimately think that look would never look good on us. That’s because society has ingrained in our heads that only natural colors are what’s beautiful and what’s accepted. That’s not always true and it’s time to change that way of thinking.


Luckily, there are people in society who are champions of individuality. These are people all across the globe, in the spotlight and behind the scenes, who are working to change the narrative and show that one size does not fit all when it comes to makeup and beauty. These are people like Doe Deere who treat makeup as an art form that anyone can rock. Deere is considered a “magical unicorn” and it’s all because of the way she carries herself. Deere doesn’t care what other people think. She wears what she feels good in without listening to what society says is “cool.” Deere can be seen rocking bright colored hair, nails, lips, and more. She loves pastels, bold colors, glitter, and more. Together, she creates a look that is entirely her own and she helps others achieve the same.


Deere has always been drawn to bright colors. Unfortunately, she recalls the time in 2008 when they were impossible to come by. Deere says that no matter where she went, all she could find was natural colors. She didn’t like wearing natural color and she knew she couldn’t be the only one out there. That’s how Lime Crime was born. Lime Crime is a makeup company that offers every color imaginable. Their products are fun, festive, high-quality, and long-lasting. Their Velvetine lipstick lin has many people raving about how great their lips look and feel. It’s exactly what Deere envisioned. She wanted products that would ultimately make users happy and confident in their own skin. Everything Deere does, she does for her fans and makeup lovers. She wants them to know that they should always follow their heart when it comes to makeup and pursuing their dreams. It’s something that Deere herself learned from an early age.


Deere grew up in Russia and at the age of 13, she began selling temporary tattoos. This is how she learned that she truly had a knack for being a businesswoman. Deere convinced her classmates that they needed one of these tattoos to be cool just like herself. Deere is someone who just has that personality that others want to thrive to be like. At the end of the day, Deere believes makeup allows us to express ourselves. That’s why she is always switching up her look to match her mood. She wants her fans to know that there is nothing wrong with wearing bright colors that make them feel happy.


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Bradesco Has Come A Long Way Since 1943, Just Ask CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

When Bradesco’s founder, Amador Aguiar, decided to start a bank in Marilia, Sao Paulo to help farmers, government employees, and small businesses, he knew the bank was going to be successful. There were less than 40 million people living in the country back then, and good banks that helped people get the money they needed to survive were almost non-existent. Aguiar didn’t expect to get the reception he got from the small Sao Paulo community when the doors of the bank were unlocked on March 10, 1943. His banking concept was a hit and by 1946, Aguiar moved the bank headquarters to Sao Paulo in order to service more customers.

Five years later, the bank was the biggest private bank in the country. In 1953, Mr. Aguiar’s headquarters were not big enough to handle the demand, so he moved the bank’s headquarters to Osasco, Sao Paulo. Bradesco still operates out of Sao Paulo, but today, the bank has offices in London, Luxemburg, New York, Buenos Aires, and in the Cayman Islands.

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Aguiar wanted his bank to be the biggest and the best bank in Brazil, and before his death in 1991, he got what he wanted. Thanks to the 1970s acquisition of 17 small banks, Bradesco was on top of the banking world. And for the last 47 years, the bank hasn’t lost the Aguiar’s spark or his vision. The man responsible for the bank’s success after Aguiar’s passing is easy to identify. Lázaro de Mello Brandão, Aguiar’s protégé, and the man who stood by him during the early years took over as chairman in 1991. And Brandão didn’t waste any time expanding bank operations and hiring a team of executives who knew how to manage an international bank. One of those executives was Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a psychology and philosophy student during the 1960s. When it was time to look for a job in 1969, he didn’t want to teach or work for a large Brazilian company. He wanted to be a banker, so he took a trainee position at Bradesco. Bradesco was still a family-type bank in those days, so Trabuco Cappi and Brandão developed a banking bond that is still on display today. Trabuco Cappi went through the training program, and in 1984, he got the break of a lifetime. He became one of the bank’s VPs, and today, he is Chairman of the Board.

There were many stops along the way, but Trabuco Cappi is now the bank’s top executive. For the last eight years, Cappi has been on a mission to be the best bank CEO in the business. And if his popularity on Wall Street is any indication, Trabuco Cappi did what he planned to do as CEO. But now that his friend and business associate Lázaro de Mello Brandão is hanging up his banking calculator after more than 74 years with Bradesco, Cappi is filling his shoes as Chairman of the Board. Cappi, Brandão, and the bank’s board are searching for a new CEO, and that person will come from within the bank. All the men on the CEO list know how Bradesco operates, so the transition should go smoothly. The bank’s head of IT, Mauricio Machado de Minas is an employee favorite, so he could replace Cappi, but deal-maker Alexandre da Silva Glüher is another good CEO candidate.

The five other executives on the list are Andre Cano, the head of human resources. But Josué Augusto Pancini, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Marcelo Noronha, and Octavio de Lazari are all great candidates for the job.

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Dick DeVos and his Charity Work

Mr. Dick DeVos is a renowned and honoured businessman in the US. He is also known as one of the founders of the Amway. Being born on March 4, 1926, DeVos has gained lots of prominence through his great business and entrepreneurial skills. DeVos is the owner of the NBA Basketball team Orlando Magic. Recently, DeVos acquired the ownership of MLB’s Chicago Clubs. He has also authored some books hence; he is not only a prominent entrepreneur but a great writer.




Dick DeVos has spent most of his life working in various executive positions. His great leadership and entrepreneurial skills have contributed greatly to the success in his career. Currently, Dick DeVos is the president of The Windquest Group. The Windquest had reported great performance during his leadership as the president of the organization.


Career achievement


When he was the president of Amway, DeVos was the one who presided over the organization’s operation in more than 50 countries in different parts of the globe. During his final year of service (2002) Amway recorded an amazing performance with sales of $4.5 billion. Before he served as the president of Amway, DeVos was the vice-president of Amway. His subjects have always been happy to work under his leadership for they are accorded the best working environment to enhance their productivity to the organization.


Charity Work


Mr. DeVos has also taken part in several community development programs. He is therefore, part of the success enjoyed by various community initiatives. He started Education Freedom Fund that supported more than 4000 students who were coming from indigent families. The students received scholarships so that they could get access to the formal education. DeVos also took part in the finding of the West Michigan Aviation Academy which also helped many students to see their dreams come true. DeVos has been part and parcel of different programs, more so the ones that are aimed at supporting the less fortunate in the society.



Mr. Dick DeVos is still one of the most successful business people in the US. His respect comes from the fact that he does realize the importance of giving back to the society. Today, so many people are in the corporate world, and their success is linked to the educational support that they received from projects initiated and supported by DeVos. While running a business is crucial for it stabilizes the economy, it is vital to remember the people who have always been there for you and that is the society.


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Talos Energy Drills Historic New Well In Mexico

This summer three oil companies made history. London’s Premiere Oil Plc, Houston, Texas, based Talos Energy LLC, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas drilled the first private oil well off the coast of Mexico in eighty years. Up until this point, government ran Petroleos Mexicanos has drilled every well since 1938. The reason for allowing private drilling now is simple. Mexican oil needs a new source of revenue and a way to reconnect with economic growth opportunities outside of Mexico.

The process of drilling the Zama-1 well off the coast of Tabasco, in the Sureste basin, is being closely watched by market insiders. The well is expected to yield 100 – 500 million gallons of crude oil and will take approximately 90 days to drill at a grand total of $16 million. Premiere Oil holds a 25% stake, while Talos Energy holds 35%, and Sierra Oil & Gas hold %40 of this joint venture.

Talos Energy has been looking for a deal such as this. When Tim Duncan started Talos, he had just acquired backing and money from the sale of a previous company, along with assets such as an oil well pumping out 16,000 barrels of oil a day for a year. What Tim wanted to do was become a major player in the oil market on the gulf. It was with that hard working attitude that Talos Energy was able to grow from 15 people to 120 people currently with plans to add more staff in the future.

Tim’s employees understand the concept of hard work. But with the hard work comes the playful side of Talos Energy, such as on site day care, Friday happy hours, or a vested financial interest in the company. Every employee has a share of the stake. Not only does Talos want to be a giant in the oil business, they treat their employees above and beyond, which create a hardworking family atmosphere. As Mr.Duncan stated, he would take the risk and the employees reap the rewards. To read more about Talos Energy, please click here

Fabletics: The Makings Of A Good Brand

It is very common for people to look for a good brand. This begs the question as to what a good brand is. When thinking about a good brand, there is a lot more to it than the types of products that are brought forth. People are not going to stop at a product that looks or works well. Even a product that lasts a long time is not going to cut it as far as what a good brand is, With the internet, the standards have risen. Customers are making a lot of demands of the different brands that are available to them.


Kate Hudson has demonstrated the willingness to make a good brand with Fabletics. The first thing she has done was make sure that the customers know that they are important. She did this not just in the customer service, but in the products that she has offered. In many cases, companies either focus on the stylishness or quality of the product or the service to the customers. It can be very hard on the customer to have to choose between the product or the service. While many customers do consider it worthwhile to sacrifice creativity in products in order to get some great service, they shouldn’t have to make that kind of choice in the beginning.


Another factor which is very important to the brand is social responsibility. It is no longer the brand’s job to just provide good products, the brand also has to be involved in communities. The brand has to not only avoid participating in practices that are unethical, it also has to call out the other brands that are involved in these practices. A lot of customers want to know where their money is going. They want to know that they are not just buying good products, but also buying a better world for everyone in every country.


For people that want to go into business for themselves, creating and maintaining a good brand is a lot of work. For one thing, there is a lot of networking and problem solving involved in the maintenance of the standing of the brand. One small slip up can be dangerous to the brand. After all, a bad image can result in the brand losing tons of customers. This is one of the reasons that Kate Hudson works overtime in building and maintaining brand image.

Logan Stout Uses His Passion For Helping Others To Build A Real Successful Business

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur who has made good on his desires to help others. He has taken quite a few steps in order to make it happen. The first step that is needed for people to be successful in business is to figure out the purpose of the business. The next step is to figure out the industry that one wants to be a part of.

For instance, the industry that Logan Stout is a part of the health and fitness industry. This is one of the best industries to be a part of because it helps people in one of the important aspects of their lives.

In order to bring about the most effective assistance to people’s lives in the industry of health and fitness, he has set up and founded IDLife. When setting up this company, he has learned a lot about health and fitness. For one thing, he has understood that people are not the same when it comes to body chemistry. Therefore, he has made sure to include a wide variety of products that can help with the different aspects of fitness. These products are full of nutrients that will help the body maintain its health.

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However, even the best companies are going to need help, especially in the realm of marketing. Fortunately, he has set up a program where people can be involved in the promotion of the company. People that sign up with the program are given a website that they can use to promote the products. They are paid for any sale that is made through their website. Logan Stout has put together something that is helpful in many different ways. People can not only get their health in top form but also earn a little extra money while they are at it.

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Eric Lefkofsky Approaches Cancer Research with New Company Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is not a household name yet in America but his work might just change the lives of millions of people all around the country. Lefkofsky is most widely known for his work as the co-founder of Groupon. Since establishing the hyper successful Groupon we have seen Eric Lefkofsky change his tune and re-focus on what really matters to him. This line of thinking brought Lefkofsky to focus more on his next company, Tempus. Tempus is a genomics company that is focused on the battle against cancer.

Tempus was established by Eric Lefkofsky in response to the epidemic that is cancer in modern society. Lefkofsky is focused largely on streamlining data sharing in order to make cancer research more efficient, effective, and available to those that are in need. Tempus seeks to completely digitize medical records in order to bring them into the next century, thus allowing all of the health professionals who need to access them the opportunity to do so and learn more about Eric.

Tempus was an idea borne out of necessity. Lefkofsky saw how plagued America was by the problem of cancer. He saw up close how families reeled from the diagnosis, struggled to get the right information, and lost hope when that information wasn’t available to them. This put Lefkofsky on a sort of quest to do something that would make a difference and more information click here.

When giving a speech regarding the importance of data in medical research Lefkofsky will typically revisit a common scenario. He points to the medication Herceptin which is used to treat some forms of cancer. Lefkofsky says that you could go to any clinic in the United States and ask for data relating to Herceptin efficiency among cancer patients and you would need “a grant and at least 90 days” before any information would make it to your hands. Tempus would solve this problem. Tempus would put a digital layer over the top of the traditional electronic medical record system, allowing data to pool and be accessible to anyone who needs it no matter where they are. The key to unlocking the cure to cancer comes from the data, and now people will be able to get to it and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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