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John Hailer has been appointed to the Global Partners board of directors immediately. The appointment is part of a series of changes announced by the Board of directors, which also included the appointment of Michael Lu and Rajeev Vaidyanathan as new members.

About John Hailer

John Hailer has served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Global Partners, LLC since November 2017. He is responsible for implementing Global Partners’ strategic vision and managing all the company’s financial aspects, including capital investment, equity, debt financing, treasury, risk management, and investor relations. Before joining Global Partners, Hailer served as Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel of Gladstone Land Investment Corp. since November 2014. He was also a Managing Partner at W.H. Hailer & Company, a private investment firm, where he was responsible for sourcing and executing investments in publicly traded companies. Hailer has also held executive positions at General Electric, Apple Inc., and Hewlett-Packard. He has held board positions with technology, healthcare, and real estate companies.


This series of changes follows last month’s announcement that the company had been acquired by private equity firm P2 Capital Partners in a deal valued at approximately $480 million. The company has also appointed John T. Hailer as a new board member. John Hailer is Chief Financial Officer of Global Partners and has been with the company since November 2017. Similarly, Rajeev Vaidyanathan has been appointed Co-Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at Global Partners. Vaidyanathan has served as a member of the Global Partners board of directors since March 2017. These changes indicate the company’s commitment to moving forward with its strategy and growth plan following the acquisition by P2 Capital Partners.