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Mahmoud Khattab: A Recap of His Career

Mahmoud Khattab is one of the most prominent actors in the Arab world. He has starred in various hit shows, but his career truly took off after becoming a household name with his role as Abu Shota in the TV series “Hala’l Kubbi.” On October 10, 1985, Khattab was born and grew up in Alexandria, Egypt. His family comes from actors, musicians, and dancers; they have been active in theater for over three generations. Khattab began acting early, appearing in television commercials and plays before he finished high school.

2004-2009: Mahmoud’s Early Career

In 2004, Khattab starred in his first film, titled “Al-Shabab wa Al-Shukr wa Al-Shaghl” (“Youth and Gratitude and Despair”). He played the part of a young man who returns to his hometown after finishing his studies abroad, only to discover that his hometown has become a ghost town. In 2005, he took part in another film, “Al-Ajal Al-Tarij” (“The Hour of Reckoning”). In 2006, Mahmoud starred in the film “Al-Wajd” (“The Madness”), playing a man who has schizophrenia. These films impacted the young actor’s career, allowing him to gain experience and become more comfortable on camera.

2010-2014: Big Breakthrough and Record-Breaking Ratings

In 2010, Khattab starred in the TV series “Hala’l Kubbi,” playing the role of Abu Shota, a police officer who goes undercover as a street vendor to track down a notorious criminal. The show was an instant hit, making history as the first Egyptian TV series broadcast in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. It was also the first Egyptian TV series to be screened in theaters worldwide. The show also achieved record-breaking ratings, making it one of Egypt’s most successful TV series ever broadcast. Hala’l Kubbi was so popular that it sparked interest in studying police work among young Egyptians. Related Article: