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Richard Liu, The Chinese Techpreneur

Liu Qiangdong, better known as Richard Liu, is a well-known Chinese techpreneur and the man behind, one of Asia’s top e-commerce companies. Lu Qiangdong, born in 1973 in the poverty-stricken Jiangsu province, graduated from the People’s University of China in 1996 with a degree in sociology. Still, he spent most of his time studying computer programming because he was intrigued by the new internet’s rapidly increasing possibilities. After graduating from China Europe International Business School, Liu pursued an EMBA at the University of Pennsylvania. has been transformed into among the biggest and most popular e-commerce platforms thanks to Qiangdong’s efforts to turn a network of electronic shops into an online marketplace. As a result, his wealth astronomically to approximately US $13 billion. The market value of has continued to rise as worldwide relationships with industry titans, notably Walmart and Google, accelerate the Chinese giant’s momentum. It’s not unusual to see comparisons of to Amazon, and the owner himself likened to Amazon’s mysterious creator and millionaire, Jeff Bezos.

As a young entrepreneur in Beijing, Richard Liu founded Jingdong in 1998 to sell CD ROMs and other magneto-optical devices. Before the SARS pandemic in China halted his development ambitions in 2003, his shops expanded rapidly, with 12 outlets in Beijing and Shanghai. was born out of Liu’s first thoughts about starting an online company as the internet penetration rate grew to roughly 1 billion globally. These early considerations led to the earliest incarnations of Since its inception in 2004, the e-commerce site has expanded to encompass a wide range of electrical and computer-related goods in addition to its initial focus on magneto-optical ones. Considering the site’s activity and revenue, is among China’s two largest Business – to – customer online retailers, a Fortune Global 500 company, and a significant rival to Alibaba’s Tmall.

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