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The Citizen App is an app that has been designed to provide American citizens with real-time alerts of safety issues. The app has instant access to trusted 911 information anytime to keep you and your loved ones informed and safe. The app has hit the headlines severally since it was launched in 2016.

The app was first launched as Vigilante, with its base in New York. Meanwhile, it was pulled down shortly for fear of vigilantism. It was later rebranded and relaunched the next year as Citizen. With hundreds of thousands of downloads, the app has been accepted and embraced by millions of users in America. Its popularity has spread over the years, with many citizens using it to check police presence and ensure safety.

The intelligence app is aimed at promoting security and safety rather than being involved. It does not encourage citizens to take the law into their hands but rather monitor what is going around them, report it, and remain at a safer distance.

Citizen App was initially a one-way system. It aims to give you timely awareness and allow you to adjust appropriately. In recent times, through intensive testing and research, the app has been expanded to provide a two-way system where citizens can request assistance from the app.

The citizen app analyzes the crowd and scans police traffic to notify citizens in the United States of what may be happening around them. Over the years, the app has been accused of promoting vigilantism, especially when it once posted a $30,000 reward for a suspected criminal.

To users, the app provides easy activation into the app. All you have to do to activate your citizen app is press a ‘get agent’ app and shake your device. The app uses unique technology to recognize weird sounds like screams and share information with authorities and other subscribers around you.

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